Hi there, I’m Josie!  I’m a spunky 20-something from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I like to make stuff!

Currently, I’m hard at work on the following projects:

  • Developing a board game!  Currently, I am writing campaigns and fine-tuning mechanics for a game designed to emulate the fun and flavor of table-top RPGs without the overwhelming amounts of rules, or the fiddlyness of traditional board games.
  • Writing out the first draft of Whispers, a fantasy novel I’ve had kicking around my head since I was a kid.  You can read my story for free here on my website.
  • Art and Design challenges, to get my art skills back into practice.  Currently, participating in Huevember.
  • Completing a 7×3 acrylic painting.
  • Designing and sewing a space-themed quilt.
  • Inventing and realizing cookie recipes, and then blogging about them.