In my experience, the best way to retain new knowledge is to utilize it.

As a person of many interests with too many commitments to be able to maintain them, I struggle with retaining the information that I learn on a long-term basis.  In an effort to do better at retaining this information, I’ve started up this little website/blog/creative space.  This site is for learning, exploring, and attempting to help others learn along with me.

Presently this site is in primary use to post chapters of a story I’ve been writing to get feedback, and also soon to play with front-end design as I learn it.

There is no set path or plan for how the topics I am interested in will be explored, and nothing is off limits.  It’s going to be eclectic and disorganized, but it’s for me, and that’s all that really matters.

Here’s to all the little grand ventures!